Android app fails to sync an observation

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Android 1.23.1- 490

App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings or About): Android 1.23.1- 490
iNaturalist Android Logs (version 1.23.1 - 490; user id - optilete; Android API = 29

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For an unkown reason one sighting occurs many times in the app, some suynchronised some not. When you look at the website the observation is not synced, but in the Android app the observation is shown 15 times.

I do not autosync, I use the upload button but it does not work. I found out I can select observations and upload them one by one with a cloud-button.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Logout/Login Removes the duplicates from the android app.

And allows the app to sync the observations again.

I received an email from iNaturalist and will rejoin the beta program I left yesterday because o fthis bug.

This issue appears when you enter observations in the field and return home without using the app for e.g after 6 hours and try to update the observations. I have the idea that the idle period the app destroys your observations.

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I can synch one observation at a time with the new version ( version 1.23.6 - 495; user id - optilete; Android API = 29 )(AutoSync is off)
But I did not find any of the observations on the website iNaturalist!

I have the idea that if your Android iNaturalist app is idle for about an hour you will loose your observations. The best could be to turn autosync on?

Thanks for the tip to upload observations manually by selecting them and using the upload to cloud button on the top! Finally worked for me after having over 40 observations in queue for over a week, all showing ‘waiting to upload’ in my Android app. Turned auto-sync on/off, updated and restarted the app, restarted phone - nothing worked till I found this post on manual upload.

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You are welcome. I found this option by accident, but probably the app has more hidden gems.

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Also wanted to add sending the log report (clicking thrice on the version info generates report) prompted an immediate response from the iNaturalist developer team. They found a specific observation that had a problem and got back personally!