Android app no longer accepts RecForge sound files

Platform: Android

App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings or About):

Description of problem: this just started, used to work fine. RecForge lists an update on Jan 5, 2022.

app won’t load wav files, whether I use record sound or choose sound.

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

I just made a new Recforge WAV and successfully uploaded it via the Choose Sound upload in the app.

I uninstalled/reinstalled RecForge and tried again - nope, then did the same for iNaturalist - still nothing. This used to work flawlessly.

Could you check your file sizes, in case they are bigger than 20 (or 25 mb) ??

Nope, the one I tried was 840kb

i wonder if the name of your file matters? try getting rid of the extra spaces before and after “zoo”, and see what happens…

I’ve tried various names - it also doesn’t work when I try to record directly from app, not choose sound.
I’m not doing anything that I haven’t done before - it just doesn’t work now.

I wonder if this is the same problem I’ve been having with BirdNET audio files.

BirdNET also records .wav files. They used to upload to INat just fine, but that stopped happening at some point. I didn’t think much of it, and I changed my workflow to put the audio files onto my computer, convert them to mp3, and then upload to INat.

I tried uploading the BirdNET .wav files to INat through the web interface on my desktop, and they weren’t accepted there, either. I had to convert the files.

This makes me think that INat somehow got pickier about the .wav files it accepts after some update, instead of my initial thought that BirdNET changed something. If it’s happening from more than one audio source (but always .wav files?), it suggests to me some other issue. Maybe something in file headers or encoding?

Doesn’t like the in app converted wav to mp3 files either - odd.

I’ve been converting using web-based audio converters (I forget which ones at this point because it’s been awhile since I did an audio obs this way) to get it to work.

definitely makes me start wondering if this is an inat problem now.