Problem loading sound from the source (recording sounds in Android app)

Multiple attempts to test it today just resulted in errors saying there was a problem loading the sound from the source.

The recorder kicked off and appeared to record, but failed when attempting to transfer over to a new observation record.

This was using the record sound option.

Samsung galaxy A8
Inat version 1.13.8
Android version 9

No, I haven’t been able to get it to work - though I haven’t tried for a few weeks since the last time it didn’t work. It saved the recording to the observation in the app, but when it the observation uploads it doesn’t upload the sound recording - so it turns it into a casual observation with no evidence. But then the app tells me I still have an observation to sync - but nothing happens if I try to upload, it just goes back to telling me I have an observation to sync.

Samsung Galaxy S9
iNat version 1.13.9
Android version 9

I changed your topic title, feel free to adjust.

Phones usually use a video file format for their sound records, often .3gp or something. iNaturalist will not accept this file format. You have to convert your file into a .wav file before uploading.
then it will work
This is my experience from uploading files recorded by the phone, to the iNat website using the computer. I have no first hand experience with the app.

If that is the case, why is there a record sound option or not a built in converter. Essentially it can never work as currently configured ?

I’ve successfully recorded and uploaded sound files from the Android app. If you could add more details to your report it might be helpful to fix the issue.

I don’t really know what else to add. I choose to add a new observation, select record sound, do the recording, when I click done to try and go to the record there is a message box reading ‘sorry but there was a problem loading the sound from this source’ and when I hit ok it goes into the record with no media attached.

Can you please send a log file to, @cmcheatle? To send a log file, tap on the version number 3 times. You’ll only have to send the last day’s worth.

Done this morning

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Thanks I’ll let our Android dev know.

As always, please include screenshots. Our Android app comes with a built-in sound recorder that should work on most devices, but it will also use an external sound recording app if one is available that responds to such a request. Including a screenshot of what sound recording looks like will tell us what kind of sound recorder you’re using.

If you’re having trouble with a particular file you recorded, it really, really, really helps to include that file as an attachment when requesting help.

FWIW, we’ve tested the built-in sound recorder on numerous device / OS combinations and it seems to work. The external app we test with is RecForge II

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Here is a screenshot of the recording view

When I try to swipe to show the error message, it closes the error box.

Cool, that’s not our built-in sound recorder so you’re probably using something provided by Samsung. Now how about that audio file, or at least some audio file recorded using that same app?

Yeah, I think that’s the default Samsung Voice Recorder, which is what my phone uses by default when I ask iNat to record a sound. I don’t get an error message, but the recording definitely doesn’t upload with the observation and then the app keeps telling me I need to sync the recording. I’m happy to send a recording if you still need one - should it go to help@inat?


Yes please!

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Just sent it!

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Many thanks, Alison. That was an m4a file that seems to load just fine on the website, so it looks like the Android app is rejecting m4a files. Fixing that is on the todo list. Hopefully Chris was experiencing the same issue given that he was using a Samsung too.

If anyone needs urgent sound recording capability, I’d suggest installing RecForge II in the interim.


That is not my expectation. If you have a 3gp file or other audio file that isn’t working, can you please send it to help@inat as well?

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kueda have already converted everything i needed to upload, thanks for asking.

The same thing happen to me.
Android 8.0.0
Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F)


I just wanted to report a bug.
When I record a sound from my Android App and then try to upload it touching on “Done” , it says that there is a problem. Unfortunately my app is in italian and it says “Siamo spiacenti ma c’è un problema nel caricamento del suono da questa sorgente”