I can't upload sounds from the app. Error: Sorry, there was a problem loading sound from this source

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): ANDROID

App version number: v.1.27.4 [546]

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem:
Trying to add an observation with only SOUND element [birds] I get the error that is displayed in the image.

I’m going to translate it from Spanish to English:
Sorry, there was a problem loading sound from this source.

I have tried to upload the sound both from the option Record sound and Choose sound.

The same mistake is always repeated.

How can I solve that?


Can you describe the file you are adding?

( ;-) not all files are supported)

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Yes, this is a sound file recorded from the Inaturalist app itself.
A recording where birds are heard singing.
Less than 10 seconds of time.

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Reviewing I see that only sound files with WAV/MP3/AMR extensions can be imported.

The Inaturalist app when recording sound internally, which does not import, doesn’t use a native internal recording system of the app, but instead derives the default android recording app: “Sound Recorder [Android]” which save sound files with extension “.acc”.

Go into settings of the sound recording app and change the extension of the recordings.

I’m going to check that:


Please add internal recording functions from the iNaturalist app itself, it would save trouble.