Android App showing an observation twice

When looking at my latest posts in the Android app, I see the Small Heath observation (see screen shot) twice. However, if I add a comment to one of them it appears in both as well as other things that suggests there is only one observation:

Also, if I look at my observations in the web view, it’s only appearing once:


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Can you please refresh your observations feed by pulling down on the list and then letting go, and then send us a log file from the app right after the refresh has stopped? To send a log file, go to the Settings tab in the app and tap three times on the version number. You will then have the option to email the log file to us.

Sorry, I didn’t get a notification (as far as I noticed) that there was a reply. I’ve just done the reload and sent the log by email.

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Thanks Svend. Is the observation still showing twice?

Sorry tiwane, I just don’t get notifications from the forum. I thought I set it up last time, but I guess not (I get them ON the forum, but I don’t visit so often (though I think I should)).

It was, and it happened a second time, but the other day my phone started acting really weird. It wouldn’t load the full list of observations (only around 10 or so), and the last few that it did load had the wrong photos. Also, when I’d make a new observation, it would often insert an old photo already in it. As I wanted the app to work properly there and then, I deleted the app data and re-logged in, and after that it worked fine. I know it would have been useful if I’d been able to provide logs and screenshots of that behaviour, but it was hard to do “out in the field”…