Android app: wikipedia option in text selection pop-up is gone

Caveat: I’m no Android guru, this might be an issue with Android rather than with the iNat app, but here goes:

Up until recently, when I’ve selected text within the Android app, one of the options in the text selection pop-up was Wikipedia (it might have been Search Wikipedia, I don’t remember exactly). Today I noticed that it’s gone. Did something change in the iNat app? If so, is there a way to get this link back? It saves me a few taps, which is useful.

The wikipedia link still exists in the popup when I’m using other apps, which makes me think that this is an iNat thing rather than a change in Android, but let me know if that’s incorrect.


Are you using iNatuarlist, or Seek by iNaturalist? Can you please share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Here are instructions for how to take a screenshot on several types of devices:

iNaturalist. Here’s what I see when selecting text:

Compare that to this cap of my browser, where I have the option to expand the pop-up by tapping the three dots. One of the options will then be wikipedia. This is how it previously worked with the iNat app as well:

@tiwane just checking to make sure you saw my previous comment. Thanks!

I don’t regularly use our Android app (I mostly use it when testing bugs and bug fixes) so I don’t know how it worked previously. I suspect there was some change in Android OS that requires us to change something to continue supporting it. What version of Android OS are you using?

I’m on Android 11. Looking at it, there are a whole bunch of things with version numbers, let me know if you need any of those and which.

The phone is a Samsung Galaxy s10e, in case that’s relevant.

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