Answering reviews in Google Store/App Store in general and in various languages in particular

On the Android Play Store and on the App Store I’ve noticed a bunch of constructive reviews along with some users reporting technical issues. I’d be willing to spend some time helping answer those, especially the ones on the French versions of the stores as this is more up my alley.
A few questions if people on the forum and especially people from the iNat team want to chime in:

  • Would it be a good idea to have volunteers help answer those reviews, either directly or indirectly (by preparing answers the iNat team could then review and post)?
  • What are the general iNat policies/rules/pitfalls, etc for answering those reviews?
  • Is answering those reviews a productive use of time or would it just be a huge time-hog?

It might also be a good idea to go though Seek reviews as well as iNaturalist.

People do stuff like that?

Not yet. It’s a request but some people review it on Google Play and App Store.

Oh I see

This topic is 16 days old. Shouldn’t a staff or a forum moderator have replied yet? I know staff and mods are very busy so it makes sense. I’m just replying to bump this topic up. Have a great day!

It makes more sense to redirect them to the forum, it also will help people with future questions, they’ll read a message in app review and find a link there.

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