Observations of Rose Rosette Emaravirus (RRD) that meat RG criteria are not RG

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Step 1: Look at a non-RG RRD observation with multiple identifiers (several listed in the urls above)

Step 2: Note that the the reasons given are:
The below items are needed to achieve Research Grade:

  • Has ID supported by two or more

Step 3: I would expect this to be RG since there are two people who agree.

Additional notes:
If I withdraw my ID and then restore it, it becomes RG
I had one with four identifiers that was also not RG, but when I withdrew and restored, it also went RG

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Reindexing the observations and resaving the taxon don’t work. This taxon was coming up before in issues with observations showing up in unknown searches when they shouldn’t have, so maybe that’s related.

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That seems to indicate that there was likely some point in the past where the Community Taxon and RG logic for this taxon were not working correctly, and so when those identifications were added the observations did not get a Community ID and were not promoted to Research Grade. Given that the bug may apply to other observations and taxa, it does seem best to leave these two examples untouched so that iNat staff can try to determine what broader fix may be needed.

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Yeah, please leave them be for now so we can take a look.

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