Application API key revoked?

I have been working on a mobile app sinds 2019, still in progress (…) Last week the app stopped working. Turns out the API key was revoked. Now I would like to regain access, first and foremost by understanding why it was revoked. However I did not receive any message about the matter, and I can’t find any information who to contact to solve this.

Is there anyone here who knows who to talk to? After 4 years and 1000+ hours of development, I would very much like to finish it and publish it in the Play Store and App Store.

contact with an explanation of the problem, and you should get a response within a few days

Thanks a lot, sounds like a logical first step. I will give that a try.

To follow up on my own problem: I ended up requesting a new API key - only to run into the exact same problem. Apparently there was an error in the way I made the API token request. It had been there all along for years, but I assume the API only recently started checking that part of the request.

Long story short: the error message was misleading, but the error was mine.

can you elaborate?

i noticed something recently where i’m having to go through the authorization screen every time now ( ), and i wonder if it’s potentially the same kind of issue you ran into?

To be precisely, the redirect_uri parameter that I passed was different from the one listed in my application’s profile. So instead of passing “redirect_uri=web+myapp://authorized_redirect” I had been using “redirect_uri=”. For my app it didn’t matter, so I had never noticed it myself.

No, that’s not it - I think they just shortened the time that the JWT is valid.

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thanks for elaborating. this seems different than what i’m noticing.

i’m not seeing this, but either way, i don’t think JWT or the authorization tokens are the issue in my case. i suspect there’s something that’s changed in the authorization workflow or settings on the server side, but i haven’t been able to track down then issue just from searching through the code. i’ll figure it out someday maybe…

thanks again.

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