Are observations without photos welcome?

I am a birder, and I very often like to bird “lightweight”, without my camera. Are bird observations without a photo welcome here?

For sure, but note that they will remain “Casual” grade and likely not get much community interaction.


Thanks. That I understand… but I very much like the interface of iNat, and how precisely I can mark the location of an observation independently from the others… rather than use a checklist.
For plants, it’s easy to get a photo, but for birds, I would need to carry my DSLr with telephoto lens, develop from RAW to JPG on my laptop in the evening, then upload the JPG… I do it if I have good photos, but for each observation, it’s just too much work.

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Drawings of these birds can be acepted as well :)

or sound recordings (but that is also work …

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sound recordings much quicker than photos with phone app though!

…but the sound recordings of birds ( in UK at least ) don’t seem to get so much community response either

I use my phone to record bird song. You can get research grade with audio only observations.

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Not really answering the original question but following the conversation about bird song audios:

I started recording audios last year and uploading them to my checklists on eBird. Recently I’ve been trying to also upload those files to iNaturalist (I’ve stopped for a while, but intend to resume uploading past audios whenever I can).

And yes, most of the audios I upload get identified and reach research grade


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