Attribution text unexpectedly in French instead of English


At 3 pm ADT today, I was looking at this taxon and was pleased to find one of my photos was used for the default taxon image. However, the attribution text was surprisingly in French, which is not my language. I started to look into this with upupa-epops who wanted to see if it could be confirmed, as a curator, who the person is who last edited photos for this taxon. While he was starting that, I went to display it again within 15 minutes of first spotting the problem, and the attribution text was in English again.

So if you look at it right now, the attribution texts will be in English. However, here’s a screenshot of the Discord bot embed which shows it in French, which is how it looked at 3 pm:


I also confirmed shortly after 3 pm that the attribution was French on the web, and when I looked at the attributions of all default photos for the taxon within the JSON response from the API call, not just my own: they were also all in French at the time.

When, several minutes later, I noticed the switch back to English, all 3 methods of accessing the taxon (bot, web, API call) contained English attribution texts again.

My questions now are:

  1. Is it possible someone else’s locale is accidentally applied when those attribution texts are generated, maybe a curator’s locale, or the person who edited the photos for the taxon?
  2. Is it possible that the act of having a curator look into the matter caused them to revert back to English?
  3. Shouldn’t they always be in English, or at least the locale of the user requesting the taxon from the system? (But neither my browser nor my bot have now, nor have ever been set to a French locale.)


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My report seems to be a duplicate. This one was closed but no satisfactory answer was given:

Sorry for the duplicate. I ought to know better.

Whoops! I thought it was no longer happening. I’ll reopen and merge your posts to that existing topic.

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