Strange language behaviour with photo credits

Anyone else noticed that some text for photo attribution is in the wrong language? On the iPhone everyone has a Spanish attribution, on the website it varies.

For example: image


Not for photo credits, but my iNat randomly flips thru a few European languages.
Then settles back to English.

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It would be great if you can add some screenshots of this when it happens next, so we can take a look.

Well here is the same issue on phones, if that helps.

seeing similar issue in iOS app with mixed language in the photo credit overlay

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Heh, I see English for that brown anole photo on our website

But other credits on that page showed in Spanish.

I’ll add it to my report this week.

Interestingly, the website and the app both shows English credits for this species for me. So does green anole. But northern green anole shows in Spanish on the app.

I checked the app again today and Brown Anole is now showing Spanish credits (was Russian before for me I think).