Translation of the languages Georgian,Basque, Breton, Filipino, Macedonian, Vietnamese

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**Issue Description:**When my locale is Dutch/Netherlands I see here a language/lexicon Georgian, which is not correct cause the other lexicons are in my locale.
Basque, Breton, Filipino, Macedonian, Vietnamese,

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Translations in Crowdin of these languages are about 4 years old…

Based on other bug reports I’ve seen, it looks like problems of this type are common.

I think this goes wrong when a Lexicon is promoted to a language.

Strange, I see Gregorian translated (but not the others) when I change the site language to Dutch/Netherlands



Can you point to those translations? WE don’t think lexicons like Vietnamese were opened to translation when yo made this bug report. The country name Vietnam was, but not the lexicon.

Problably a recent software release. I translated Georgian last week.

Agree, these translations are locales and not lexicons.

Filipino is still missing.

Probably the translations are from, but it is not easy to search for the keys to translate…

I expect these translations to be here too but they are not…

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I will remove the test - common names when the lexicon is translated.