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I keep seeing things in different languages. On an observation it showed the common name in Dutch, on a photo it showed the attribution in Russian and in the about page it showed it in German. This happens on the web site using Safari and also in my iPhone. It is difficult to give details because it is quite random. All the observations Were in South Africa by local observers.


Please share specific web addresses and screen captures. Without this information it is very difficult to understand what is happening or to troubleshoot.

Moving this to Bug Reports.

The attribution bug was previously reported here: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/strange-language-behaviour-with-photo-credits/4401

The common name is extra hard to trouble-shoot if you don’t give your language/locale preferences, i.e. it may not be a bug depending on your settings.

Can you be more specific regarding where on the About page you’re seeing German?

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locale is South Africa an language is set to English

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Thanks for the screenshots.
In the first one, the Russian is due to the attribution bug I linked above.
In the second one, the German is being pulled directly from EOL, so this isn’t a bug.

If you can give an example of the common name in the wrong language, we can look into it, but without more details, it’s hard to say.


I only recently checked the box for common names so I don’t know whether this is an old issue or new. The only reason I enabled it is because I have been adding birds to my observations and the common names are surprisingly well standardised. I am normally a plant person; where common names are less useful. It is not a big deal but Guineafowl shows a Dutch name.
Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 14.31.06

@andrewgillespie, is your “common name place” set to South Africa by chance?

Jan Tarentaal is set as the default name for South Africa. There is currently no way to select a common name language (see feature request), so this would be working, unfortunately, by design.



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