Backspace runaway when uploading photos

Technically not a bug, but quite an annoying result of the interfaces… Go to upload, drop in a photo or two, start typing the name, make a typo, then use the backspace to remove what you had typed. Accidentally hit it one more time and it triggers the browser’s response of going back a page so you have to start over again from clicking on uploads.

If you drop in a bunch of photos and get most of them named, then make the typo in the last one, this can really suck.

It is extra problematic when the photos I dropped in had some keyword previously added through lightroom - iNat seems to push it into the Name field. My last experience with photos from Nevada got everything named “Nevada”. Trying to delete that out from each observation without over deleting was a surprising challenge.

Maybe iNat could just capture the backspace such that it didn’t trigger the browser to go back a page?

Using Firefox within Windows 10 - if relevent.

Thanks for an amazing site! This is what social media should be about!

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