Bad AI suggestions on website upload

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Step 1: This is happening (starting this week) whenever I upload an observation. It says Big Brown Bat, Western Tree Cricket, Western Honeybee, etc

Note that after submitting the observation if I click the suggestions from there, they seem normal.

Also I do set a very accurate location before clicking the species field.


Thanks for explaining the observer side of a batch of - this is a bat (NOT) obs I have seen for Africa.
Problem has been intermittent for weeks.

you should take a look at i suspect your issue could be related to some restrictions you’ve enabled in your browser.

also see

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Well, that’s a pretty huge bug if they’re not even trying to fingerprint me to sell tracking info!

although i could be wrong, i doubt that iNat is doing any Canvas fingerprinting. it just happens that the process to prepare and send an image to be evaluated by the computer vision on the web upload page is similar to the process used by folks doing Canvas fingerprinting. although it’s possible in this case to use a different workflow for the CV here, it would require some tradeoffs and effort that likely don’t outweigh the benefits.

turning off features in your browser in an attempt to prevent tracking has always come at a cost of potentially breaking websites. you should be able to disable Canvas fingerprinting blocking for particular domains or particular webpages. or you could disable it altogether. so you just have to decide whether using iNat computer vision suggestions in the web upload screen is more valuable to you than trying to block potential Canvas fingerprinting there. CV suggestions after upload use a different workflow. so if you need CV suggestions, you should be able to get them just fine on other pages on the site.