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Hi there,
In my project, I have about 700+ observers. When I clicked the ‘Observers’, it only shows 500 observers. How can I see the full 700+ observers? Please help me.
Thanks in advance.

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The observers tab only ever shows up to 500 users, I don’t believe there is any other way to view the others without exporting data, which I’m not experienced with.

Thank you zdanko. Basically, I need to extract the data from the project.

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Even the API won’t return more than 500 observers, so I agree exporting is probably your best option. You can find the export page here. I would recommend unselecting most of the fields – if you really just need the names of all the observers, the only field you need to keep is user_login. Here’s an example I did with CNC Malaysia:

And a pivot table from Excel with the full list of observers and their observation counts.



Thank you very much, @jwidness for the help.

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