Possible to view a list of Observers for a place - but only those with 10+ observations?

Wondering if I can create a list of observers for a “Place” that only lists those with a certain # of observations in that place (ex. only those Observers with at least 10 Observations in that Place).

For example, the list of observers at this place:


…would include only the top 5 observers. Sort of a “leaderboard” for that location.

Many thanks - probably a stupid question, coming from someone non-technical.

I don’t believe that is possible right now. For larger places with more than 500 observers, only the top 500 are visible. Maybe in the future though.

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I just tried this for a place (GSMNP Cove Hardwoods Nature Trail) that I happen to know is defined as a polygon, and it works fine. The Observers are listed in order from top down (so you could see your top 10 or 50 or whatever). But many Places are just points, so this would not work for them.

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I am not sure what you are asking for, what more you would like to see?
The top 5 are on your linked list.

Do you want to see only obs from those 5 people?

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Do you want this list to be displayed on the website/place page or you want to export it that way with any place?

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