BioBlitz Project glitch

I haven’t encountered this bug before:

I set up a BioBlitz project with a designated ‘Place’ boundary and a set of dates during which I was expecting observations would aggregate on the project. The rules are defined for the time period and place. However, observations are not aggregating.

Has anyone experienced this before? Trouble-shooting suggestions? Our BioBlitz has already commenced, so it would be good to resolve soon. Thanks.

Note: I searched through related topics but this glitch appears to be unique to my situation.

it doesn’t look like you assigned the project to a Place, you need to do that, and if one that fits your needs doesn’t exist you can make one.

But I have…?

Hmm, it looks like you pointed to a ‘place’ on the bioblitz map, but for a bioblitz to populate you’ll have to use an iNaturalist Place that has a defined polygon. For instance:
Using a point won’t work because the bioblitz doesn’t know where to collect from. If you connect the rules of the bioblitz to the place i posted (or a similar one) instead that should work.

There is indeed an iNat Place defined with a polygon. It just isn’t showing (there is an option to show the polygon or not)

hmm, odd. From my end i can’t see the associated ‘place’ at all so indeed there is some sort of bug or problem here.
Another thought - did you use a ‘traditional’ project? If so… observations will only appear if people add them. That doesn’t seem right since it seems to show as a bioblitz project… but i don’t know. If it’s a backend bug you may want to email Or maybe just delete it and try re creating it?

Only “Collection” projects will automatically aggregate observations. All new traditional projects only allow direct submission and do not aggregate observations. See for more information. You can convert your project to a collection project by going to the edit page and clicking the link in the banner at the top of the project edit page.

Ah. OK. Thanks pleary. I was aware of the Collection project functionality but as I recall the old school ‘BioBlitz’ project also used to auto-aggregate. Problem solved.