Profile page bugs

Hey all, I hope this is the correct forum for this thread, but if not then please redirect me to a better one!

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome, but the issue also shows up on Firefox

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Initially, I had my profile page set to update my “Favorites” section every time a new taxon was added to my life list. This was a quick, easy, and visually appealing way to tell what my latest “new” taxa were. However, mine does not seem to have updated since either late January or February. Is this a bug, or was the feature just phased out?

Second, there’s a discrepancy between my identifications as listed on my profile and my actual “Identifications” tab. What is causing this discrepancy, and which of the two is a more accurate count?

Thanks for your time.

Life lists were completely overhauled and some of the functionality changed.

The ID count on your profile page uses current=true, while the count on the identifications page uses current=any. Neither one is “more accurate”, it depends what type of ID you want to count. If current=true, that means it only counts IDs that are currently active – that you haven’t withdrawn, or that weren’t withdrawn when you added a newer ID to the same observation. If current=any, then withdrawn IDs are also counted.


Thank you for clarifying, that all makes sense!