In Forum, other user's profiles won't appear and Activity and Summary won't display

On two different devices (iphone and windows 10 PC) and browsers (Safari and Chrome respectively), clicking a user’s name in the Forum does not preview their profile as it used to. A blank and grayed-out profile seems like it is going to pop up (shows momentarily) and then disappears on PC. Same on iPhone, except the browser stays muted in color as though the profile is being displayed but it isn’t. This happens even if the username being clicked on is our own.

We tried logging out and back in on PC, and this did not change anything.

Also, when we navigate the menus of activity and summary under our icon in the upper-right and the menu upper-left, our posts do not load in the main window:

Are these things happening for anyone else?


Thanks, I can replicate and I filed a bug report with Discourse: Our version of Discourse was upated about 7 hours ago.

It’s not happening on a few other Discourse sites I’ve tried so maybe it’s related to our specific set-up.


I thought my service was just messed up. Yes, this is happening to me, too, on iOS.

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I don’t think the issue has been solved yet so I removed the solution tag. It does appear to have something to do with some custom code of ours, I’ve asked our devs to take a look. Sorry about this.

EDIT: currently, if you need to access your profile/preferences or someone else’s profile, you can go to and make sure this top box is checked:


Or type the name into the Search box on iNat - as I did yesterday.
Since I want the iNat profile for obs and IDs, not the Forum one.

I’m also just now noticing that looking at your own profile isn’t working either. I have the webpage saved as a widget on my phone so the forum functions as an app so I’m not sure if it displays the same for me as it would on Safari for iOS, but when I click my profile picture in the top right corner and click to go to my account summary, it does nothing and the screen is blank.

I am now able to click on other user’s names in the Forum and preview their profiles.
Also, I am now able to access my Activity and Summary pages under my profile.



But we seem to have lost the links back to iNat itself?

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Yes, forum profiles don’t have link to inat profile as they used to

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But now. Yours has an iNat link, Dallon and I don’t.


@tiwane beyond the Forum profile the default link goes out of iNat (if we have added a blog / website)
I would like mine for example to link to my iNat profile as it used to.
First I want to see what Forum users observe and identify, an external link is of secondary interest.