Forum "last visit" line is 24h behind when clicking through from original page

I’m not sure where to post bugs with the forum rather than with iNat, so here goes. I have been reading the “General” and “Nature Talk” forums every day. The red line indicating “last visit” shows correctly at 1d for “General.” However, for the past several days, it has been at 2d for “Nature Talk.” It updates each day, just that always it updates to say that my last visit was 2 days prior. This despite that it shows the threads properly grayed out, indicating that I have read them.

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Latest Nature Talk topics - iNaturalist Community Forum

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Step 1: I open the main forum page (the one with all categories).

Step 2: I read my notifications, and open all replied threads in new tabs, using CTRL-left click.

Step 3: I open the “General” forum in a new tab, same method.

Step 4: I open the “Nature Talk” forum in the original tab, that is left-click without CTRL.

Step 5: I go through the new tabs, reading all those threads and closing each tab when I finish; then I go to “General” and open all unread threads in new tabs (again CTRL-left click), and read them, again closing each tab when I finish.

Step 6: I close the “General” forum and go to the tab with “Nature Talk.” As I scroll down, opening new tabs for the unread threads, I notice that the “last visit” line is not at the place I last visited; it is exactly one day behind.

Interesting, this doesn’t replicate for me (PC using Chrome). The last visit line is timed correctly there. You could try posting on the Discourse help/bugs as I don’t think iNat can address/fix potential issues with this.

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Can’t find it (not so easy to find stuff in the Forum)

But, I think tiwane said he was demoting Nature Talk - because he wants us to focus conversation on using iNat.
Nature Talk is expensive for iNat since the Forum is a service they pay for.

Well, this is interesting. Today, I accidentally opened “Nature Talk” in a new tab, and then also clicked to it in the original tab. The bug I described occurred in the one where I clicked through in the original tab, but not in the one that I opened as a new tab; that one worked normally.

I tried something different today: open “Nature Talk” in a new tab, and click through to “General” in the original tab. My hypothesis was borne out: this time “Nature Talk” shows the “Last visit” line in the right place, and “General” shows it exactly one day behind. So it isn’t a problem with a specific forum, but with the way the links are navigated and opened. I am going to edit the thread title now to more accurately reflect this.