Can a projects boundaries be delineated AFTER project is created

I’m an invited “member” of a “project” whose boundaries were (apparently) never defined. It seems to be earth-wide.

All members’ personal and private observations outside project area are automatically getting dumped into this project.

How do you map boundaries? Think I read you need to upload .kml files? Do you have to have ArcGIS??? Project owner probably doesn’t have access to GIS. Can project owner do this in Google Earth? Can non-owners help out?

Is it too late to define the boundaries after observations that don’t belong have been entered?

If so, should members “leave” project and rejoin after map is fixed? Or better to delete project and start from scratch?

I believe the project owner is new to iNaturalist and didn’t know how to define boundaries. Since I’m not the project owner and these forums don’t work on my Mac (I’m on mobile only) I can’t find any info to share with owner.


It’s not too late, but only project owner can add place to filters of the project (you can check if moderators can do it too), either from existing places or create a new one, sure you can use Google Earth to create a polygon. It doesn’t matter if anyone joined the project, it can be totally changed in any moment.

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You can do this, but you’ll need a project admin to do it. You will need to use an existing place or create a new one (see here:

Once you have the place added, you can set the project to only include observations from that place.

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QGIS is free. I’ve been using that to modify places lately. You might also be able to do things with Google Earth, but I’m not very experienced with that.

What’s the project in question?

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