Can I Remove All Obs from A Project?

Two projects I joined seem to have accidentally had their settings include any sightings in all of the UK. This means every obs I make is (often erroneously) put into those projects. I tried reporting this but the report has been unheeded for a few months now so it’s up to me to fix.

Is there any way to Remove ALL from those projects or make it so I have to manually add obs to them? Thank you.

If I remember right, if you leave the project you will be offered a checkbox you can select to remove all your obs with you. If you wish to remain, you could rejoin right after.

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If the projects are collection projects, you cannot manually enter observations to it. In that case, the only way to fix the problem is for the project admin to change the settings to only include certain taxa.


Project admin is unresponsive and region, not taxon, is the issue. Seems I just need to sadly leave the project.

Yes, my first comment should have said taxa or region. Either would be same problem.

I left the project and all my obs appear to have been automatically removed. No options appeared. Sadly this seems to have to be it as I cannot have every observation erroneously assigned. Thank you for your help.

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