Add obs to a new project (obs that were not automatically included )

I’ve created a project that brings together plant observations made in a particular place.
I had previously created this location (Latable-Andatabo).
The observations that already existed in i Naturalist for this location were not automatically added to my project.
How can I add them afterwards?

J’ai créé un projet qui réuni les observations de plantes faites sur un lieu déterminé.
J’ai auparavant créé ce lieu (Latable-Andatabo).
Les observations qui existaient déjà dans i Naturalist pour ce lieu n’ont pas été ajoutée automatiquement à mon projet.
Comment puis-je les ajouter après coup?

welcome to the forum
It’s difficult to diagnose the cause of problems like this without more details
can you please post the link to your project, and links to an observation or two that you expect should be in it, but aren’t


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