New project. Obs should not go automatically into project

I’d like to create a project for the Native Plant Month (April) for my state (NJ)

  • Geographic area : NJ
  • date range April 2024
  • Taxon : any (e.g. non-plant parasites of native plants are OK)
  • native/ non-native is irrelevant (until the species is fully identified)
  • Only obs from project members should go into project.
  • Most importantly, observations should be put deliberately into the project by the observer, not automatically.

I tried 2 types of project; it does not work for the last condition

Manual adding of observations is only possible for Traditional projects, not collection projects. So you would need to use one of those - have you tried a traditional project?


I thought I did since I duplicated a traditional project.
I’m going to try to create a traditional project from scratch
Thanks again

I created a traditional project.
I can add observation on demand - this is resolved
New problem: I cannot specify a required time window (April 2024).

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Yes, you are right. First I thought that’s really strange, bur since you add the observations manually anyway, just choose the ones within the time frame. And make it very clear to the projects members, maybe by adding “only April 2024” or something similar to the title. I don’t know if you as admin could delete observations which don’t meet the requirements.


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