Can maps in Identotron please automatically show GBIF network data

When people are making IDs it might be useful that they can get as much distribution information as possible - many species on iNat still have gaps in coverage [particularly outside of north America]. GBIF helps fill in the gaps.

At the moment you do not see the GBIF data and you have to turn on the GBIF data for each map individually:

Alternatively you could have a single button to toggle the GBIF network data on all the maps shown in the Identotron in one go.

I completely agree

it would be nice if this feature were ‘sticky’ like several others are… ie. if you turn it on it stays on throughout the site until you turn it off…


Indeed that would work nicely. I would not have a problem if the GBIF records were shown on all the maps I view on iNat. I can imagine that some people would not want this in which case they just don’t click it on.

We don’t plan to update the (now hidden but still functional) Identotron any longer, so this would only be in the Compare tool if it’s implemented.

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