Link to GBIF observations on maps

Platform: website

Description of need:
While dealing with species that are rare in my aerea I sometimes like to activate the GBIF layer. I often wonder what GBIF knows about those observations and would like to jump directly to the specific GBIF-record.

Feature request details:
I would like click on a GBIF-Point (from a page like: if there is no iNat record (or if I unchecked the iNat-Layer in the map) and be directed to the exact record on GBIF. (like this one: Occurrence 4130110763 (

there may not even be a way to achieve this. i think the GBIF occurrence map layer is visualization only (not designed to be clicked).

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If it is an iNat record/observation, you can go to that observation’s page, and click on the direct link to GBIF from there.

But I agree that this would likely need some extra work to implement, since the GBIF layer currently isn’t interactive at all (just shows points)


Even the maps on the GBIF website are not clickable.

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Indeed. One can search on the GBIF maps in an aerea but not click on a single button.