Can only see scientific names in Seek

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Step 1: Scientific name is displayed when scanning

Step 2: I go to settings and switch Seek’s Camera to Regular names (in Dutch: Gewone Namen)

Step 3: Camera still only displays Scientific Names

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Hi @saberbe, welcome to the iNaturalist Forum and sorry you’re experiencing this issue. I tried changing my phone language to Dutch and testing this out in Seek 2.12.14 (217) on iOS 14.7.1 (iPhone 11) but wasn’t able to replicate the issue.

Could you share a couple screenshots or examples of species that display only the scientific name on the camera view? I wonder if could be that they just don’t have a Dutch name entered into the system.


Hello and thank you for your reply.

I have the same settings as you do, but the scientific name is displayed for all cases.
For instance;

I do notice that whenever that’s the case, the name is in italic. When the app is still trying to work things out, a dutch classification is given, and then text is regular;

Thanks for sending screenshots! Looks like there isn’t a Dutch name set for those taxa on iNaturalist.

(except for that last one:

You can add a name in Dutch by going to the Taxonomy tab for any species/taxon, then clicking Add a name (Naam toevoegen) on the lower right.