Seek App: Common names showing as scientific names

iOS App v. 2.14.2

Many of the plant common names are not displayed, instead they show their scientific name. Some examples include Dracophyllum longifolium (inaka), Anisotome aromatica (kopoti), Geranium brevicaule (alpine cranesbill), Pilosella officinarum (mouse-ear hawkweed), Rhododendron mucronulatum (Korean rhododendron) and Dichorisandra thyrsiflora (blue ginger). What happened to the common names being displayed, and why are only some (not all) being affected?

Are you referring to names in the Seek camera, or names in your observation list or nearby species? As always, screenshots are really really helpful for bug reports so if you can share some, that would be great.

I had a similar thing happen in the iNat app (iOs) yesterday, went into setting and the option to show common names had been deselected, changed it back an it has been fine since.


I’ll try get pictures soon. This is in both the camera and the observation list- I haven’t seen any in nearby species that have been affected so I couldn’t tell you about that.

The common names have still been selected. As I said before, it’s only one in every 8 or so plants that has been affected. Most plants show the common name, but a few (which had been showing the common name before) now show the scientific name.