Canadian Curator Guide text is mostly grayed out, with some bright white portions

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website

Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Chrome

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages:

Screenshots of what you are seeing (instructions for taking a screenshot on computers and mobile devices:

Description of problem: Most portions of the curator guide are in slightly grayed out background, while others are in bright white (visible in the screenshots). This started a couple weeks ago, and looks like a purely visual error.

I have no extensions enabled, and my computer is set to dark mode. Switching the computer to light mode does not change this though.

Step 1: Go to the curator guide link for the canadian node of iNaturalist (

Step 2: Scroll & read text

Same for me on Chrome and Firefox. I think the local iNat versions have some control over their own pages, so maybe this is something that iNat Canada folks have a hand in?

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That page was last edited in 2022, by a site admin from iNatCA. I’d definitely use the one at iNaturalist since it’s up to date. Not sure what’s happening on the iNatCA site, though. We can take a look.

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