Canadian Provincial Borders are Wrong

iNaturalist includes Akimiski Island as part of Ontario, and much of the Belcher Islands as part of Quebec. However, all of the islands in the Hudson Bay and James Bay are part of Nunavut, as is the entire water area of the bays themselves.


Please flag the place(s) affected, and include a geographical source/ reference. A curator or administrator should be able to take care of it.

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a curator can’t fix a “standard” place, and it’s unclear when the next time such places will be updated, except that it probably won’t happen outside of a broader effort to update all the standard places at once.

this was the first time this particular issue was reported (as part of the process of staff seeking input from the community about the standard places before they were updated last time):

these are a couple of other threads that have been created to point out the problem since then:


I filed a Github issue about upgrading GADM in September 2022:

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