The boundaries of Toronto on the map are innacurate

When I filter on “Toronto” for location, observations made in the parks on the lake shore are excluded.
This is City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Specifically, parts of :

  • Colonel Samuel Smith Park ;
  • Humber Bay Park ;
  • Marilyn Bell Park ;
  • Ontario Place ;
  • Toronto Island ;
  • Tommy Thompson Park ;
  • Bluffers Park .


if we’re dealing with a standard place, only staff will be able to change the boundaries, and i doubt they will do this any time soon.

however, there is also a City of Toronto place which may have better boundaries:

Agreed this seems likely to be a standard place issue. In general, for any issues with specific places/boundaries, it is best to flag the location on iNat itself.

It looks like this a standard county-level place that would maybe need to be updated at GADM first.

I agree this should be more what you’re looking for.

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