Cannot edit Ohio checklist

I’m wondering if anyone knows why the Ohio checklist is not editable? looks like this for me:

Any other state like for example looks like this instead:

Note how the Kentucky checklist has an “Edit Taxa” button but the Ohio one does not - so I can fix things like establishment means for Kentucky, but not for Ohio. I’m logged in in both cases and the same thing happens in different browsers and mobile as well as desktop versions.

For now I can create flags and pester curators to fix Ohio plants :) - but curious why it is happening and if there’s a solution or work-around.

Huh, that is strange. Both are editable for me. Though I am a curator, these should be editable by anyone I believe.

It’s not editable for me either, there must be some status of it that doesn’t allow edits?

Strange. In the past it was split up into several checklists (Ohio Bird Checklist, Ohio Plant Checklist, ect.) and I could edit it then, but not now. It’s great that it’s all one list now but not being able to edit it is annoying.

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These lists are still there and can be edited.Maybe only lists can be edited if they are added in a batch?
Or if the list is to big it cannot be edited in a batch anymore?

I tried to edit some of those lists but they say “must be the list creator or a curator”. Also, I don’t really know how those lists work, but I believe for determining whether a species is native or introduced in Ohio only the official checklist is used. (Which would be my reason for editing the checklist.)

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