Can't Add New Place: "Place geometry is too large to import, Place geometry can't be blank"

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Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Edge

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Step 1: I have a project
I am trying to only show records in the southern part of Australia. To do this I “included” a number of Places, but there is a gap on the eastern portion of Western Australia, so I tried to Add A New Place that would include ALL of Southern WA.
Step 2: I did the polygon thing.
Step 3: It wont save but gives me a message that here were problems importing that “Place geometry is too large to import, Place geometry is too large to import, Place geometry can’t be blank”

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I’m not sure this is a bug - it sounds like the place you are making may be too big? I think the size cut-off is 1 million square kilometers.


Can you please share a screenshot of the polygon?

According to the add place page it’s the size of Texas which is 268,596 sq mi (695,662 km2). I’m not sure what the northern boarder of your area is but if it’s anywhere near the South Australia / Northern Territory then I reckon you area will be larger than Texas.

yeah, the 100 million square kilometers cut-off is actually quite a bit larger than Texas, and a bit smaller than the area of Ethiopia:

So how come whole states (like Western Australia) are listed as Places? I just want to cut the state down so it is smaller - the main species in the project only occurs in the south, the secondary species has two subspecies, one associated with the Project’s main species, and another (of no interest for the Project) that occurs further north. Because iNat doesn’t have the subspecies separated, the northern subspecies turns up in the project.

States are standard places, imported from GADM.

Thank you. I will see if I can just join lots of other places together and then make some small connecting places.

You could contact iNaturalist support (or @tiwane on here who is iNat support I think) as they can create larger places. They may prefer to have one large place than a lot of small places. Of course if there are smaller places (do you have counties in Aus?) then using those might be best.