Problem adding Malesia as a place

I was trying to add Malesia (preferably both versions) as a place (for quick access to observations of Flora Malesiana) but the polygon was too big. Find a Place also shows a place called Malesia without polygon. What should I do?

That is going to be too large for you to be allowed to create. Users can’t create locations of more than about 500,000 km2. There are limits on both the file size of the kml and the amount of land it covers.

You will need to talk directly to the site for alternatives. Perhaps email them at

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Have you tried the spelling “Malaysia”? That might work.

They are not looking to add the nation of Malaysia. They are looking to add the biogeographical region of Malesia :

I am sorry for my misunderstanding.

Update: I emailed

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Did they come back to you? I emailed them in a similar case of West Indies, Greater Antilles and Lesser Antilles a few weeks ago and never heard from them.

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So far, no reply :expressionless:

Are you guys aware you can use multiple places in Observation Search,6873,6966,7155
and in Collection Projects?

I think that should offer what you need


Or to exclude New Guinea (as in the updated floristic zone in your screenshot) you can use the URL qualifier not_in_place to get,6966,7155&not_in_place=13042,7915 which would be for the observation/Explore page, of,6966,7155&not_in_place=13042,7915 to identify in this area.

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No it does NOT resolve the case loarie and bouteloua … identifiers want to use the compare feature for identification, and there is no way to combine country codes in the compare feature. The West Indies have about 30 sovereign states and dependent territories, so doing them one by one is not an option either.

I also think that new users will not be able to combine country codes. And its not me alone who needs these places … most observers in the Caribbean i spoke to, agreed that these places are needed.

I also think that a database on biodiversity should have the places where biodiversity really is ;) like Malesia and the West Indies.

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