Can't Add Photos

I have been a member since earlier this year. I have added a fair number of observations with no difficulty. At the present time I can log in, go to my observations, and click the add photos tab (or the Upload tab). Then I’m directed to my photos. I select one and nothing else happens. What am I doing wrong please?

Thank You,

This may be significant: I can still add photos to Facebook.

Could you please provide more information (see Are you using the website or one of the mobile apps? If you’re using the website, can you please provide the URL of the page you are trying to upload from, and what web browser you’re using to upload (Chrome, Firefox, etc)? If possible, could you try using a different web browser? If you could provide screenshots that might be helpful

I can still add photos to Facebook

Are you just pointing out that you can upload to other non-iNaturalist websites, or is this otherwise related to iNaturalist?

I was using Microsoft Edge as my web browser. As suggested, I used Google Chrome and now have no more difficulties. Many thanks to all!

If other users encounter issues with (updated versions of) Edge, please open up a new bug report with step by step details on reproducing the error. Thanks!