Can't add places after 50 verifiable observations

I am a total newbie in the forum, never even have joined a forum before

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Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Try to add new places

Step 3:I can’t seem to add new places, despite already having 50 verifiable observations. I wonder what’s wrong. Do I have to wait perhaps for a few hours or so on, or must it be on the species level?

It can take some time for your newly posted observations to be fully indexed in iNaturalist’s huge database. You might try again after a day or two to make sure the data base has caught up.

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Yes, I think other users have reported that it can take up to a few days for the indexing to catch up and grant permission. I looked at your page, and it looks like you do have >50 verifiable. If you can’t add places in a couple of days, please post letting folks know! The “Add Places” button should appear right under the map.

From what I can tell you were granted what we call “organizer” privileges (making places, making traditional projects) on February 7th, so you should be able to make a place now. I don’t know what time you were granted that privilege, but I suspect we’re using US time zones for that date.

It shouldn’t take more than an hour or so for the system to grant you the privilege once you’ve met the requirement, but that can be affected by other factors or there could be a bug.

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