Can't find the "Create New Places" link

I’m looking all over on the page, but I cannot find the link to create a new Place. The Getting Started Guide says it should be there, but I don’t see it.

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Under the sample map is a button marked add a new place. Middle right of screen

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according to, you’ll need 28 more verifiable observations before you can make a place. (you have 22 currently.)


Sorry about that, I just updated the Getting Started guide to reflect this new threshold.

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Welcome to iNaturalist! One of the reasons for the new limits on making projects, places, and messages was to ensure that users new to the platform might not be duplicating existing functionality on the platform. The forum is filled with wonderfully experienced users of the platform, if you explain your specific use/need for the place someone can probably help.

I would note that I too am a new user on the platform. One of the things I have absorbed is that observations are meant to be personal encounters between a user and wild organisms. A core mission is to connect people to the wild environment. Observations and images are individually licensed as per licensing specified by the account holder in their account settings. The first diagram on the Getting Started page notes that one should “please only post your own personal observations”

I could not help noting the following from your profile:

This is meant in the most positive way possible, but group accounts that post other’s observations can be problematic.

What might work better for the participants in your workshops is the use of iNaturalist Seek. As noted on the iNaturalist Seek page, “No registration is involved, and no user data is collected.” For those workshop participants who might want to engage in the full iNaturalist platform over the longer haul, then having their own account would be quite appropriate. Again, welcome to iNaturalist!


28 is a rather specific number, is there any reason for it as opposed to 20 or 30?

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the threshold number is actually 50. 22 + 28 = 50.


My apologies, I commented in haste and without reading carefully.

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