Adding a new place to inaturalist account?

Can anyone help? When I click more, places, there is no link bottom right of screen that says add a new place anymore. I need to do this for a project as I have a defined location in a KML file. Thanks in advance for any help!

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In order to create a new place, your iNat account must have 50 verifiable observations, you currently have 26. Once you have 50 observations that have date, location, photos, and aren’t cultivated, please wait a few hours, then you should be able to make a new place.


Thank you. This is a project I am participating in through Oregon State Bee Steward program with a goal of improving bee habitat and diversity on my property. The 50 observations was not spelled out. I have 51 observations. How do I tell which ones count/aren’t cultivated? Forgive my ignorance here. Not a botanist…but willing to learn. Thanks so much!

These are your observations that are currently marked verifiable:

If there are more cultivated plants among those, they should be marked cultivated, for example, someone suggested this one might be cultivated:

If it is cultivated, please vote no on “Organism is wild” at the bottom of the page.

To get to 50, I might suggest adding some insect/spider observations – it’s easier to be sure those are wild, and they’re generally not hard to find around plants. You don’t have to identify the organism in order for it to count as verifiable.


Thank you. This is very helpful.

My name is Rory Yasenchak. I am a high school student and advocate for improving bee habitat and biodiversity in my community through education, public support and collaboration with other organizations. I am the president of the Marist High School apiary club, the Spartan Bee-Cause, and founder of Swarm, an Oregon Nonprofit Corporation.

If anyone in Eugene, Oregon has similar interests, I’d love to collaborate. Thanks!


Good luck with your project, Rory! This Forum is very helpful with all questions about iNaturalist. iNat will be a great resource for your interests. There are some great native pollinator projects too - use the Community → Projects → Search path to look for good models.

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