Can't get rid of location on taxon pages

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Step 1: I have an observation with many photos that I am splitting into separate observations. I deselect all but, say, 2 photos, and I save the observation.

Step 2: Click the Species box, and see the list of suggestions.

Step 3: Click View on one of the suggestions.

Step 4: The observations that appear are subset by Washtenaw County, which is where the photo was taken. I want to see more observations, as very few were observed there, but I can find absolutely no way to remove the location, even if I open a new tab and go into Explore to get to the species. Sometimes the url has the place ID, but even if I remove it, the system puts it back. There is nothing in the Location field, and when I can find the filter button, there is nothing in the Place field.

If you click where it says Washtenaw County in the top right of your screenshot, you can clear the filter:


You might also want to check your account settings to see if you have it set as a default place:

See also my related feature request :)