"Google Maps" will not load and " +Add Observations" opens to blank page

Platform: Slackware Linux

Browser: Seamonkey (Mozilla) 2.49.4
Firefox 68.0.1esr (64 bit)


Yesterday (2023-11-15) Google Maps gave this error:

“Google Maps did not initialize. You may have blocked access to Google Maps with a browser extension or firewall, or something else is blocking access like an Internet Service Provider.”

Today (2023-11-16) “Add Observations” displays nothing - no text, no images, nothing except “Done” in the progress bar.

I had hoped this was a momentary glitch but it seems to be getting worse not better.

I don’t have this issue on Chrome. Have you tried another browser?

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I also don’t have any issues with Chrome or Firefox on Windows 10. Sounds like it might be browser specific.

Everything has been fine with both browsers that I have used here for years, until yesterday. There were similar reports several years ago which seemed to resolve themselves so I lean towards a coding issue.

Are you using any extensions? What happens if you turn them off?

No extensions or add-ons, have tried with basic security and popup blocking disabled to no effect.