Can't retract old likes

Is it something new? You can’t unlike the message you liked some time ago, I don’t think it’s a good thing, our view and thoughts can change, so why we can’t change it?


It’s not new.

There is a setting that the iNat staff can edit.


Thank you for clarifying! What do you mean by setting, is it topic-based or?


It’s a site-wide setting that admins can adjust. Here’s what it looks like:

Discourse’s default setting here is 10 minutes, so we’ve extended it quite a bit.

You can see Discourse Staff’s response here: In general I agree. Also, since there’s a limit it can a) make you pause before you commit to liking something, flagging something, etc., and others will know that “like” means that you liked the post at some point in time and that you might have changed your mind since.

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But it’s not written anywhere on this website, so how can people know that?
If you accidentally like something, it stays there forever. Or you can read something the wrong way and agree, while it can be a completely different message, if you don’t visit forum each day there’s no way to change it.
Their responce is vague and I don’t see a base for it, what’s the bad side of you rage-unliking things, it doesn’t change anything as likes have don’t affect the topic or message? And if someone’s bothering you - block them. Other plantforms don’t have such rule and there’re no problems from that, so you can express your feelings any time, not just once and forever.


I’ve upped the time limit for this to 10,000,000 minutes, which is about 19 years. (There’s no way to set it to infinity).


I meant that it’s not up-down vote system, but they matter for those who add them. Thank you a lot!


Sorry for my overly contrarian response, I edited it.