Change Button Layout on App Media Selection

I am frequently confused when selecting how I am going to upload a photo or sound for an observation from the android app. This is because “Choose Sound” is under “Take Photo” instead of “Choose Image” (the opposite being true for “Record Sound”). Every language I have learned reads vertically instead of diagonally so it makes sense to my brain that these choices should be aligned vertically.

This is mostly applicable when adding media to an observation that already exists:

Here is what it looks like when uploading a new observation:

I might also suggest that “No Media” is more fitting than “No Photo” as observations with just sounds also have no photo.

Do you have a suggested layout? Since none of them are aligned vertically on the add observation panel right now, they’re staggered.

I’d suggest vertically aligning the take/record and the choose/choose options. They are staggered when adding a new observation (second photo) but there is no “No Photo” option for an existing observation (first photo) so they are not staggered. This was more for adding media to existing observations.

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Do you think Record Sound and Choose Sound should also be swapped on the add new observation panel?

Yeah probably, that would make sense.

Looks like this was implemented! Thanks all!

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