Reorder sounds (as currently exists for photos)

It would be nice to be able to reorder sounds when editing an observation (on the website and/or app). e.g. If I wanted to change the order of the 2 sound files in this observation so the recording with less wind noise is first.

I can reorder photos on the site by changing the numeric order.
I can reorder photos in the app by changing which is the first photo until it is in the order I want.

I cannot change the order of sounds I have added to an observation unless I delete them and reupload them in the order I want (and since I often delete them to avoid consuming space on my devices, that would further require downloading them before deleting and reuploading them to the observation).

And if I have both photos and audio on the observation, I’d still like the option. Here, I added the audio first, but the app moved the terrible photos I added later to be before the audio.

I like to put the best (clearest, most distinctive, etc) evidence first, but I can currently only do this for photos.

Closing this because really a total revamp of the edit page is needed, and we’ll include a reordering function for all media with that.