Change in behavior of adding an ID via web

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Step 1: type the name of an organism in the identify field

Step 2: click the “View” link to the right of any listed organism in the drop-down list

Step 3: it used to be that this would select that organism for the identify field, and open a new web tab with the taxon page. Recently this changed, and now it clears the identify field and opens a new web tab with the taxon page.

The old behavior was really useful and something I did many times a day, as I would think I knew what taxon I wanted to identify, but don’t trust my memory so would quickly look at the taxon page to verify some aspect of this (usually the range or an obscure field mark) before making my identification. With the new behavior, I have to type the name twice. Was this change intentional, or accidental?


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Was there any public notice or discussion before that change? What problem were they trying to solve?

The old behavior did not enter the taxon as your identification, it just entered into the form; you still had to click “Save” to actually make the ID.

There was a forum feature request:

but in github it’s described as a bug, so it seems the dev team thought it wasn’t behaving correctly

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interestingly, when you click View on an item in a vision results list (in the upload and observation pages), the list does remain open. but when you click View on an item in an autosuggest results list, the list will either close (in identify and upload screens) or switch to the computer vision results list (in observation page). seems inconsistent and worth addressing.

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What I’m seeing currently (website, chrome), is I can click view for each option and each open as a new tab which my browser moves to. The original page stays open too, and when returned to the species options remain open under the ID box (don’t have to re-type). From there one can be clicked to be the ID. I think it makes some sense not to make clicking View select the ID, because that could happen in cases when people want to view a species even though they think it’s unlikely to be the ID. The only improvement I’d suggest is that the clicking view not redirect the browser to the newly opened browser tab (unless that is just a browser setting itself), as that makes it a little slower to click back on the page and move the the scrolling arrow back to the ID area.