Login Page Keeps Refreshing Every time I try to login





Every time I click the login button, it refreshes the page. Only thing I’ve done differently lately was replace my adblock extension with the uBlock origin extension
This is also happening on a separate system, a laptop, and under a different browser. I can still access the site via mobile.

What happens if you turn off Ublock for iNaturalist? I use Ublock Origin for FF but I have it set to not do anything on iNaturalist (since there are no ads to block)

Same thing. I don’t have the extension on my other device. I was able to access the site earlier today around noon, so I don’t know what happened since then.

Can you open up the browser’s console, try again, and if it happens again, share a screenshot that includes the console? You can share it here or at help@inaturalist.org.


how did you end up deciding to go to /session? (that seems like a nonexistent page to me. so i don’t know how that even gets you a login page.)

I just noticed. It starts out as https://www.inaturalist.org/login, but when I attempt to login, it becomes https://www.inaturalist.org/session. I don’t know what that means.

you’re probably inputting the wrong password. i get the behavior you’re describing if i put in a bad password, and there is no message to indicate that the problem was a bad password.

I use autofill, though. You think changing my password might work?

maybe start by inputting the password and login name manually?

Didn’t work, so I changed my password, and now I’m in. I don’t how that fixed things but it seems to have done the trick. Going to see if I can replicate it on my laptop.

Edit: works on laptop.

hmmm… that would suggest to me that a change to your password prior to this last one was the source of your problems.

if you don’t remember making that password change, then you may want to check with iNat staff to see if they have records of a password change, and if so, if it appears to have originated from an IP address that matches yours. if such a change came from some strange location, that could indicate there was some other person could have accessed your account. i’m not sure why someone might want to do that though…

It’s definitely a bug that there’s no error message for this situation, I’ve let our devs know.


The error message bug on the log in page has been fixed.

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