Checkmarks for species on life list

I find the blue checkmark badges that eBird / Merlin display for species I’ve observed very useful whenever I am browsing them outside of the context my life list. I see a potential use of a similar badge in iNat too, to be able to see at a glance if I’ve previously seen a species some other user is reporting / discussing or when I am browsing observations and most frequent observed species list in the Explore screen. Has anything like this been suggested/discussed in the past?

eBird example

Merlin example

I like this idea, if it makes sense computationally/from the network standpoint.

There is a button on a taxon page to see your observations, but you have to click it to see if you have any:


Yeah this sounds like a good idea, and definitely save people some time searching through what species they’ve seen or not. I’m all for this idea.


Excellent feature! There would not be a single iNat session where I am not clicking on the taxa, then clicking on “View Yours” to either see if I have seen it before, or just to check on an observation of my own where I know I have a photo of a ventral view I can compare with, for instance. And then back again to the obs, or multiple tabs and so on…

If it were small icons like in the eBird app image above, and if they were clickable to take you to “View Yours”… actually, another thing I look at is establishment means, which also needs a check on the taxa page. It would be terrific if IDs in the observation page showed that icon (eg image ) as well as “Seen by you”. In my pinned specimens, for instance, I always add a colour line code to the determination labels to show establishment means, and it really helps to concrete in the distinction of endemic vs native vs introduced.


“View yours” could be an active link if you have observations of the taxon, and greyed out otherwise. It would quickly become obvious to a user how it works


Thanks for chiming in @deboas @kiwifergus @heyitshelios @charlie. Another use case for checkmarks is this proposal by @joeysantore / @jdmore. I don’t know if this would be doable, given the database structure, but I can definitely see myself perusing checkmark icons in the taxonomy view for a given genus to see which species I’ve previously observed or have yet to observe.

I also like a lot the suggestion that such a checkmark icon could act as a universal UI element within iNat pointing to one’s list observations for that taxon.

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