Chinese (simplified) common names don't show in the suggestion

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Browser : Google Chrome and QQ browser. Haven’t try other browsers.

The suggestions don’t show Chinese (simplified) common names.
ps: My language setting is Chinese (simplified).

this doesn’t seem like a bug to me. the problem just seems to be that no one has set up any Chinese (simplified) names for some of these Lantana species. so in those cases, the scientific name is shown instead.

compare Lantana camara (, which has a Chinese (simplified) name set up, with Lantana achyranthifolia (, which does not have a Chinese (simplified) name set up:

(in simplified Chinese:)

if you want to add common names, you should be able to do this yourself by clicking on the “Add a Name” or " 添加名字" button on the right side of the Names section of the Taxon page’s Taxonomy tab.

Lantana montevidensis does have a simplified Chinese name, I set it long times ago but it’s still unavailable in the suggestions.

This happens to many other species. Some of them show traditional Chinese names. If they have simplified Chinese names only, then only the scientific names are shown.

For example, the genus and the top 4 species all have simplified Chinese names, but none of them are in simplified Chinese here.

okay. i think the issue is really that sometimes Traditional names are being shown, and sometimes Simplified names are being shown. it’s inconsistent. see these two bug reports probably are related and need to be worked together. the problem seems to extend to anywhere where common names show up in the website or app.

Add these to my weekly report.

I just find another interesting issue. If I prioritize common names used in China, some of the common names will become traditional Chinese and show a strange format.

↓↓↓ Notice the upper left title bar, it’s in simplified Chinese.

But the name will be simplified Chinese if I leave it empty.

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yeah… i don’t totally understand what’s going on with the preferred places for common names. i would have expected that the preferred places would apply only within the context of a particular language (and this seems to confirm that this should be the case:, but that may not be true. i don’t have curator access to the taxon setups though. so it’s hard for me to see exactly how the taxon names are set up to understand this issue better.

here’s an example of something that seems odd to me. i’ve set my language to English, and the names place to China. i would have expected all names to be English, but i see some that are in Chinese, such as Pomacea maculata. it’s almost as if the preferred place name is applied regardless of which language is selected (perhaps to address the use case mentioned here:

i don’t understand the strange taxon page header for your example either. for English + China, this is what i see:

if it is intentional to allow preferred place to drive names regardless of language selected, then i think this should only be the case when name is associated with a language for which the system has not been translated. in other words, find the appropriate name based on this logic:

  1. is there a name in a language that the system has not been translated into which matches the user’s preferred place? if yes, then use that; if no, then go to 2.
  2. is there a name set up for the user’s selected language? if yes, go to 3; if no, then return the scientific name.
  3. is there a name for the selected language and place that matches the user’s preferred place? if yes, then return that; if no, then return the highest priority name for the selected language.

maybe this is similar to what this other discussion is about:

The strange header is made by all settings in Chinese(simplified) + common name location in China. A few other species (some plants) have the same problem but I can’t remember what they are.

Suggestions should show common names in Chinese (simplified) now, if available. Can you please check to make sure?

Wed site is good now, but Android is still not working.

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OK, I’ll pass that along.

just to clarify, the problems noted in the Android bug report ( are mostly still there, but the taxon autocomplete in Android does return suggestions with the Chinese (Simplified) name, as far as a can tell.