Class project: students unable to load observations

While my students are able to join the project they are not able to choose it to load their projects to.

How do I make the project open for them to load observations?

Currently, I have the settings open for Flora and Fauna of the county we reside in.

Please HELP!

could you post a link to the project?

Looking at your Mesabi East Schools project, you have 20 members listed, but it looks like only
madiherz and brodyheinen are listed as eligible to submit records? You will either need to enter all their names as eligible or open the project to all users.


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Adding to what sandboa said, your projects are both collection projects, so observations cannot be manually added. They’ll be automatically added if they meet the project rules.

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I highly recommend reading our FAQs, Teacher’s Guide, and Managing Projects pages.


might be the same issue we have with a project with about 100 members (oof) - in order for observations to be included in the project, the users have to be manually added by a project admin while editing the project, where it says “Observation Requirements”, youll have to manually add every student where it says “Users”. we keep having people click “join” on our project, but not request an add by messaging us, but its not the same thing, so their observations dont load to the project. all “join” does is bookmark the project really. that said, once the students are manually added, their observations will be added to the project automatically, no need for them to choose to add it.

hope this helps


I read this, multiple times, I think it needs to be a bit more explanatory on starting projects.

Which of the 3 links are you referring to?

Happy to make edits if you think anything is unclear. Have you used iNaturalist much before creating these projects? The Managing Projects page is written more for those who are somewhat experienced with iNaturalist.


It sure is frustrating when the door won’t open-hang in there and things will get better :)

The advantage of a collections project is that there is no need to ‘add’ the observations individually. Instead the software finds all the observations that match the requirements chosen and bingo bango, they are in the project.

For this to work for a collections project for observations from a specific group of individuals, the project organizers have to add each persons user name to the requirements. Then the software knows that their observations should be included.

this is is sort of covered in the paragraph describing the user requirement - but I can see how the consequence of no observations due to not having all the students names entered is a bit shocking to the system.

If the number of students is way too many to seriously consider entering all their names in the rush of September school activities, I might be inclined to remove the user requirement and take all the observations in the geographical area. You would still be able to see where your students fall in the leader boards and would gain from seeing the observations from others using iNaturalist in the area.

Best wishes for your continued success - My favorite part of the adventure is the fun…as it makes the best stories :)


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